Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Butter Cow Internship

Last summer I had an internship opportunity from professional sculptor and OSU Sculpture instructor, Malcolm Cochran.  I worked with a group of commercial sculptors from Cincinnati and Ira Tecson, a recent graduate from the Sculpture program at OSU.  Ira and I assisted Bob Kling and his team in creating the giant "butter cow" exhibit over the course of one week for the 2008 Ohio State Fair.

Ira and I spent most of the time slapping fistfuls of butter onto an armature and making sure that there was no visible evidence of the armature to the audience below.  I can assure you however, even though there was an armature beneath all that butter 95 percent of the sculpture was truly hundreds of pounds of cold butter.  Mr. Kling and his associates where in charge of the fun stuff like rendering all of the details and basically all of the "real" sculpting.

Overall, it was an interesting experience but I felt that the highlight of the project was discussing action figure sculpture with the pros, as Mr. Kling's team had all either worked for Hasbro or Kenner.  On the downside, I'm regularly reminded of the project in a bad way through a few articles of clothing that still smell like rotting movie theater popcorn after sliding around in pounds of Ohio butter for several hours.

I wasn't present for the interview, although I was mentioned in this article form the Lantern:

Butter up: OSU alumna spreads art at State Fair - Campus