Sunday, April 26, 2009

Black & White Oldies

This is a collection of black and white works from my time at OSU.

Work from 2D Art from the OSU fine arts fundamental coursework. All three are 8" by 8"; ink on illustration board:

This is my final illustration from Beginning Design Drawing. Graphite on bristol; 11" by 14":

This is the mid-term from Beginning Deign Drawing. Graphite and ink on bristol; 11" by 14":

A contour line assignment from my Beginning Figure Drawing class. 18" by 24"; graphite and charcoal:

Another assignment from my 2D Art class at OSU. 15" by 15"; black and white acrylics on bristol. One of the first paintings I finished in the last ten years. I'm painting quite frequently now at CCAD, and I plan to do many, many more!

Another early painting for Basic Design I. 10" by 10"; black and white acrylics on bristol. I used a scan of the reference and posterized the image in Photoshop to help decipher the greyscale planes. Then from the new reference I was able to paint a more "loose" image than the posterized filter was capable of:

Beginning Design, OSU: Illustrate a "scream". Cut black paper on Bristol; 11" by 14":

Another Beginning Design asssignment. 11" by 14"; graphite on bristol board:

These last three were visual problem solutions from The Ohio State University Design Department Entrance Exam '06. Some constraints were: 8.5" by 11" sheets, graphite or pen only, and no words whatsoever. The last was to be rendered in no more than two pages, illustrating the prompt: "How to change a tire on a car".

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