Friday, April 16, 2010

IPA anyone?

This was a "food product" design for styles and concepts class. In light of all the bizarre beer labels out there, I thought it would be fun to design one of my own. I drew the heads with pencil and painted up the rest in Photoshop.

Anyone ever had trouble with desaturated images after posting them on Blogger? This came out a little better after making some tweaks, but it is still missing some of the vibrancy I had with the original image. Any suggestions?


  1. The only thing i have noticed is that you need your file to be in RGB 8/bit color mode. if it isn't(if your working off a scan sometimes those settings can change)you can get all sorts of weird results when you upload them to any website/online hosting. As far as the post goes, love the illustration, but the graphic designer in me wants a "witches brewery" logo on that glass so badly. Great post though man. kudos.

  2. Yes this is awesome! Ive been waiting to do a beer label myself! And I know exactly how to solve your problem. Instead of "Save As" use "Save for web and devices" which is right below it. If you fiddle around in that dialoge box that pops up you can make it so you see 4 thumb nails at once of you image, each one in different file types that will show the expected results (Jpeg, gif ect). I usually save mine as a gif for the web in this box, but even if you save as a jpeg in this menu, it will give a more accurate image. Some times a still have to over saturate my image a bit so it balances out once "saved for web and devices" but this will make it much easier with the sample thumbnails, and for some reason just saves you image better when working with blogger! Hope that helped, its the only way I save images for the internet.

  3. very awesome josh! I really like the glow effect from the beer, the fur/hair is nicely done also. love the name too, I'd like to try some!