Thursday, June 23, 2011



  1. omg, you're so badass. this is so very very cool, and BEAUTIFUL done!x//3' your art really takes my mind to those reeeally talented fantasy(rpg) art ppl that i admired so much when little. this one really resonates strongly with my little fanheart - the colouring n texture of the img, as well as the whole uhm.. positioning of the creature n muddy surrounding uhm, well. surrounding him. sorry, my english isn't that good. ^^' BUT,what i REALLY want to say, is simply: I LOVE THIS. <3

  2. cool! your work is really great! :)

  3. " CONCEPT"!
    Got to just love that kind of word.
    And especially what it stands for.
    And who knew that it meant a company in NICE with EXPLOSIVES on PT BOATS?
    Johnny Depp did.
    And so did Sting and Bono.